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Album Update

So far, with your help, we have been able to complete 12 songs for the new Peace Process album and the funds needed for manufacturing the album! I thought we'd stop at the remix for Lay Down Your Guns and go to press.


However, I've been led to add 2 more important songs to the album that I was blessed to write recently that are crucial to the album's message of peace - a powerful remix of 'Deliver Us' and a new song entitled 'Clean Hands' from Psalms 24.


The 'Deliver Us - Remix' is basically a collective prayer for humanity, addressing everything from climate change to political corruption to gun violence. The music is an upbeat acoustic R&B/Hip Hop/Soul track would be a duet with a male rapper. 


['Clean Hands' (Ps. 24) is a Hebrew English roots dub version of Tehillim 24, which poses the question 'Who can come into the Most High's presence? Only those with clean hands and a pure heart.' In this age of endless senseless bloodshed, this message is a serious message the world needs to hear.


Please help me reach the goal of $5,000 for the album fundraiser on Go Fund Me. So far, we've raised exactly half the amount on Go Fund Me, and we have $2,500 to go.










Thanks and Yah Bless!

Queen Makedah


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