It's All About the Youth - Lay Down Your Guns Backstory


“People should stop gun violence… 

Because they’re hurting good people…

They’re hurting children…

And they're making children lose their parents”

Spoken Word - E. Thompson, Genesis School, KCMO:

Did you know that in Babylon America guns are the leading cause…

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Gratitude Report 2023!


Shalom and Blessed Love Friends and Family! 🥰 🙌🏾 I’m thankful to have such dedicated fans, and I just wanted to take the time to send out love and appreciation to you and share this good news!!!  Thanks…

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Lessons from Miriam in Parshat Beshalach

Lessons from Miriam

In Parsha Beshalach (EXODUS 13:17-17:16), we learned about an important female hero, Miriam.

According to Tanach, Miriam played a key role in saving her baby brother Moshe when his life was in danger.  

“But when

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Invitation to VIP Premiere & Watch Party!!! 🎉 

Greetings Family and Friends!!! 

Thanks for your support of Yah music!!!

I have recently achieved a new milestone in my career as a praise artist, the completion of my first professional video and here in the holy land…

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Celebrating the Global Reach of the Music in 2020

Peace and Blessings Family, Friends and Fans,

Sending sincere thanks and much appreciation for your love, prayers and support! 

With your help, Yah’s healing music has reached thousands more people all over the world this past year!!!  Below, here are…

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About the New Album



Queen Makedah’s latest album, Peace Process, is a continuation of her work to bring peace, elevation and healing to the world through conscious and inspirational reggae and world beat music in these troubled times.   



The album was…

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Blessed be the Peace Makers

Blessed be the peacemakers… 

King David cried out to Yah that He sought for peace, but his enemies sought for war.  

"Too long have I dwelt 

among those who hate peace. 

I am in favor of peace; 

but when I

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Teshuvah: The Prodigal Son Returns Home 

What is sin?

In Hebrew, the word for sin is chet, which means to fall short or miss the mark.  In other words, sin is like a wall or partition that seperates us from our Elohim.  Yah is holy and…

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THE $5,000 GO FUND ME ALBUM FUNDRAISER WAS A SUCCESS!!!!  It's been a long time coming (7 years), but it's FINALLY HERE!!!  

By Yah's grace and the generosity of my beloved fans, we…

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Zion I Kings Collaboration


The Backstory 

Finding the right music and the right producer is hard.  There are so many out there who call themselves producers, but really don’t have the experience or the skill.  Then you have good producers who…

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The idea for the Peace Process album was conceived about 7 years ago, while I was teaching and living in the Bay Area of California - Richmond and Oakland.  Both cities were notorious for gang violence and high homicide rates…

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