In these uncertain times, people need inspirational music and videos more than ever.  Through crowdfunding, fans can help raise funds for the production and promotion of the upcoming video single of 'Clean Hands' (Psalms 24) by Queen Makedah from the Peace Process album, to bring hope, inspiration and healing to Yah's people worldwide.  The video will feature the artist in the breathtaking mountainous desert landscape in southern Israel.  

The total cost of the project is $6,000 and the Breakdown of expenses: 

  • Professional shoot & edit = $3,000 
  • Wardrobe = $ 800 
  • Transportation, accommodations = $ 600 
  • Extras, musicians, props, instrument = $ 800 
  • Promotion = $ 800

All contributors will receive regular updates on the progress of the fundraiser, behind the scenes content and an invitation to to the monthly Q&A.

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