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Recently, Israel has been hit with the worst terrorist attack in the history of the modern state. In the early morning hours of October 7th, the eighth day of Sukkot, Hamas breached the border fence and invaded small farm communities close to Gaza, which also included an area where a huge music festival was taking place, and began a barbaric rampage of bloodshed, rape, torture, burning and kidnapping, whose victims included babies, children, the sick and elderly, nursing mothers, grandparents and some whole families. 

The response of Israel’s military was shockingly extremely slow, which led to more casualties and so far, there are over 1,300 Israeli citizens dead and over 3,000 wounded.  Israel and Hamas are at war and Hamas has fired thousands of rockets into Israel from Gaza since last Saturday with more casualties, injuries and property damage.  Citizens of Gaza are now suffering from Israel’s necessary counter offensive and thousands of innocent civilians are dying and injured, Hamas using them as human shields.   

You may have been aware of these events from international news, but one thing you may not know is that my family and I live in Ashkelon,  the beachside city of Sampson, which is just a few miles north of Gaza heading toward Tel Aviv.  (Ashkelon is a multi-cultural city with a high population of black Jews). 

Unfortunately, our city along with many others are being bombed daily by Hamas terrorists, who - according to their declaration - are fighting to destroy the state of Israel and annihilate all Jews or non-Muslim residents. 

A state of emergency has been declared in Israel, so citizens have been instructed to stockpile food, water, cash, gas, medications and any other emergency needs.   

Families in farm communities closer to Gaza are under evacuation orders.  Many families from our city have evacuated themselves to safer areas in the south or central part of the country.  We would like to evacuate and are considering all options, so, this is one of the reasons for the fundraiser. 

This fundraiser is for $10,000 which will be used to help with the emergency needs of our family in Ashkelon during the Israel-Hamas War and will be used for things like emergency housing, transportation, food, water, non-perishable items, first aid kits, emergency backpacks and gear, safe room adjustments, etc.  

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Thank you in advance and may Yah bless you for your generosity.   Thank you for your prayers and concern.  Much love, Makedah.

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