Hebrew Conversational classes - novice low



Morah Makedah will be using the Ulpan Or iHebrew curriculum this year, which is a fully equipped digital language immersion curriculum, designed to help students begin speaking Hebrew right away.


The Novice Low Level is for those who read and write Hebrew but have low comprehension and/or cannot speak well or at all.  This curriculum encompasses the following content in an integrative and coherent way, which is used in an interactive way to allow students to make significant progress in Hebrew while enjoying the process.  The objectives are to teach students:

  • Vocabulary – guide students to acquiring 350 new words, starting with pronouns and gradually building toward a conversation on day-to-day subjects.  

  • Master foundational concepts and basic dialogues - acquaintance, family, shopping, directions, traveling and food.

  • Master Numbers between 1-100, Israeli money and coins

  • Build a grammar base - Combining 4 helping verbs (want, need, can, love) with infinitive verbs in the Pa’al (simple present tense) building (3 groups)

The Ulpan Or curriculum is based on a storyline that follows 2 characters, Orly (an Israeli student) and Yoel (an “Oleh Hadash”/new immigrant from Canada). Both lead the students from their random first meeting and throughout their growing knowledge of the Hebrew language, which grows as they experiment with different situations and places in Israel.

As a student makes his/her way through the book, the texts become longer and more complex and are based on grammatical structures that are learned alongside the text. All the units contain parts of Israeli songs, which enrich and well-suit the student’s Hebrew level.


To lead the student to the following achievements:

  • Acquire an active vocabulary of 350 new words: pronouns, nouns, adjectives- all related to the core contents of the book.
  • Master foundational concepts and basic dialogs: Acquaintance, family, shopping, directions, traveling and food.
  • Learn numbers between 1-100, and becoming familiar with Israeli money (coins and bills).
  • Build a grammatical base: 4 helping verbs (want, need, can, love) and mastering the use combined with Pa’al infinitives.

The curriculum is divided into 10 units which build the different skills (listening comprehension, speaking, reading, and writing) layer by layer.


To read more about the program or see demos on the Ulpan Or website, visit the link here.


Classes will be held on Zoom.  Because the Ulpan Or curriculum is an all inclusive Hebrew conversation program designed for independent or classroom study, students are able to prepare in advance for classes and in class the instructor will act as a coach.  For example, students will receive their assignments a week in advance, and will study the dialogue and vocabulary using the videos, flashcards and textbook exercises for the week daily.  By class time, the instructor will model and guide students in a fun and relaxed way in how to use the vocabulary in conversation.  Students will practice their dialogues with partners and will also play games, activities and sing songs in Hebrew.  Students will have time to prepare for conversation and activities a week ahead of time.  Each lesson introduces small chunks of new vocabulary and builds upon vocabulary learned in previous lessons. 


Novice low class will meet Sundays at 12:00 p.m. EST (11:15 a.m. CST, 10:15 a.m. MST, 9:15 a.m. PST). 

  • SESSION I:  12/12 - 1/16 (Break 1/23)
  • SESSION II:  1/30 - 3/6 (Break 3/13)
  • SESSION III:  3/20 - 4/10 (Pesach Break 4/17)
  • SESSION IV: 4/24 - 5/29 (transition to 1:1 tutoring)

For summer & fall months students will schedule 1:1 tutoring sessions directly with Morah Makedah.


  • Our goal is to cover 1-2 lessons weekly in a 1 hour session.  The pacing depends upon the comfort level of the students.  
  • Each level (novice low, medium, high) has 10 units.  Our goal is to cover a unit every month so that by the end of the academic year students will have completed half or a full level by the end of the academic year. 


  1. TEST - First, take the placement test to find out which class is appropriate for you. Go to the Ulpan Or website, test your level and send the results to Morah Makedah at morahmakedah@gmail.com.  TEST LINK:  click here for direct access  
  2. REGISTER BEGINS NOVEMBER 1st and ends NOVEMBER 15th:  PAY ONE TIME REGISTRATION FEE of $65 via PAYPAL to queenmakedah@gmail.com or Paypal.me/queenmakedah, which will reserve your spot and purchase your access to the Ulpan Or online e-books/curriculum for 6 months; the processing time takes a couple weeks to get you in the system in time for classes.   
  3. SUBSCRIBE VIA PATREON - after December 1st, subscribe at the Gold Level of $50/month on www.patreon.com/queenmakedah .  Your first charge will come out the day you subscribe and once a month afterwards.  If students wish to subscribe right away, are welcome to do so and it will go as a donation if made before December.  
  4. ORIENTATION - Orientation will be held on December 5th on Zoom at 12 pm EST.  
  5. PROCESSING:   Once you pay your subscribe on Patreon, you will immediately receive your Zoom invites to orientation and classes.   Everyone should have access to their accounts by the first day of classes and we will cover instructions on how to access your materials, pacing, study routines, curriculum, etc.  


***To find out more, attend an INFORMATIONAL  ZOOM meeting ON 11/7 at 12 p.m. EST about the classes CLICK HERE to register.***

***Family discounts - If you are interested in your spouse or family members attending classes, speak with Morah about family discounts.  A youth's class may be opened for children 12 and under if there is a demand.