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Queen Makedah’s music inspires compassion and knowledge that can lead to a more unified world.”

— Sista Irie, 'The Conscious Party,' 88.7 FM KAZI - Austin, Texas

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Peace Process

Reggae-Vibes review

"Peace Process contains 14 worthwhile tracks full of consciousness and sonically this album is topnotch, a real treat for the listener’s eardrums. Most of the offerings are underpinned by appealing original reggae backdrops, which are stamped with quality all over. They are complemented by Queen Makedah’s beautiful vocal delivery which shines on every song." - Mr. T, Reggae-Vibes

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King Queen Riddim

Peace Process Album

"Toussaint alongside Queen Makedah bring LOVE to the forefront! Catchy tune!! Big Up!!" - Island Stage

'Hear mi tell you people, dis ya one tune a killer!!!’ -DJ Jah Crucial, Hi Fi Sound, South Africa

'Suspicious' Single

Peace Process Album

“Queen Makedah has raised the bar yet again with this fine production. 'Suspicious' delivers a conscious message to beautifully crafted quality roots reggae music, and her soul-stirring melodic voice flows like healing waters - from deep to deep. This tune gives voice to the issues of racial injustice still prevalent in the world today in a way that you can feel. I love it! Big love and respect Queen Makedah.”

- DJ Patrick, Living Waters Radio (Nov 02, 2014)

I am Shem...Crucial rootikal lyrics....getting played on English Pound & KDHX in St. Louis MO!” - Ital Kae

English Pound Radio

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I was really impressed. The only song all weekend that brought a tear to my eye was 'Deliver Us'.”

— Nomotrouble123 Youtube Channel (Live show commentary, SNWMF 2010)

Queen Makedah - Spreading Peace through Voice. Queen Makedah thrilled the crowd with charisma and vocal bravado, infusing R&B, soul and gospel into the traditional reggae grooves, while delivering music that is accessible and danceable.”

— Andrew Creasey, Oregon Music News

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