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Written by Queen Makedah/Tuviel Levi. Copyright 2000.


My Heart is in Zion
By Queen Makedah/Tuviel Levi

I’m at the end of our long road together
And though the choice seems hard
It’s time to move on

Destiny has called me
To another place
To a place far away (called Zion)

As I journey to this new found world
I’d hoped you’d join me there
But if you don’t
my word still stands

I’m leaving in the morning
And there’s nothing you can say
To change
My mind

Home is where
The heart is
And my heart is in….

And I won’t look back
There’s something deep
That calls me there

My destiny awaits me there
Though I love you, Dear
My heart is in

Home is where the heart is
And my heart is in….