From the recording Holy Mount Zion


by Queen Makedah (2019)
Holy Mount Zion, Oh how I love you
Holy Mount Zion, Oh how I long for you

Verse 1:
You said that in d’last days (last days)
Thy people that’s called by thy name
Would turn from their wicked ways
Call upon d’one name

Verse 2:
You said that you would ansa
d’12 tribes you would gatha
(From) d’lands where you had scatta’d
When will this happen?

Holy Mount Zion (Mt. Zion, Mt. Zion), Oh how I love you
Holy Mount Zion (Mt. Zion, Mt. Zion), Oh how I long for you

Verse 3:
Can’t cha hear the voice of d’mammas weepin’
d’blood of our sons is speakin’
Dem cuttin’ em down like dogs in d’streets
Heavenly Father we need your mercy!

Drum & Bass

Marchin n’ protestin’ like in d’civil rights movement
Boycottin, burnin’, riotin’ n lootin’
Who woulda thought – (afta) 400 years of persecution
We’d still be left with just temporary solutions

Hearts of mankind has grown cold
This freedom song is gettin’so old
It’s time we get on our knees and pray
Return to the Most High and change our wicked ways!


Verses repeat & adlibs

Holy my Zion
Oh how i love you
Oh how I need you I need you
Hat tzion
I’m looking for a new Jerusalem yea
Holy Jerusalem

Hear my prayer
From beyond the rivers of Ethiopia
She will bring forth her gifts/praise
We Look for you Yah
We need you Yah