From the recording Suspicious

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Verse 1:
He caalled 911
Said a young black man looked suspicious
‘Roamin/perusin’ his neighba- h o o d’
Black hoodie on cain’t up to no good

Verse 2:
Said I’ll get my gun and investigate
What’s his kind doin’ round here so late
Drug and gang we don’t tolerate
Cain’t let another one get awaayaay

Chorus: Suspicious, Suspicious (Ooh’s he was, ooh he was suspicious)

Verse 3:
Later (dat night) ‘nother call came in
Dis time was d’young man girlfriend
Said strange white man followin’ my man
Can you help him officer, he’s a good citizen

She told him to run but he said he won’t
Said ‘ain’t done nothin’ wrong’
Just a black man tryin’ to get home’
Why can’t dem leave us alone!
[Oh hooo suspicious/Was it the clothes he was wearin’?ooh/Was it his black skin?/Made you so afraid of him?]

Verse 4:
Two strangers shadow boxing in the dark
First we heard a scream den a shot
[But when the gun went off d’screamin’ stopped]
Den D’white man was on top
No no hurt dat’s what we told the cops

Verse 5:
Another black son shot down in streets
Of Babylon but wasn’t guilty
No one has the right to take an innocent life
You know it ain’t right!

If you think Jim Crow is dead and gone
Betta think again cuz it’s still going on
As long as a black man can’t walk without persecution
Because the color of his skin gonna be a revolution

Police brutality, stand your ground nonsense
Just another name for a modern day lynchin’
All life snatcha’s need to be incarcerated
Feel what it's like for a life to be wasted

Ad Libs:
Could’ve been a teacha, doctor or a lawyer,
Maybe another Malcolm, Marcus or Martin Luther
Took a momma’s son and he’ll be sorely missed,
Like a hole in d’heart, they will never ever ever ever forget