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The 'Clean Hands' video offers spectacular visuals of Makedah traversing the majestic Judean mountains in royal robes of Ethiopia with her kingman Melchizedek (beloved youths by their side) reminiscent of Queen of Sheba and King Solomon - plus absolutely breathtaking aerial shots of the amazing Dead Sea and Metzuke Dragot near Jerusalem.     

Directed by award winning cinematographer Noam Chojnowski, the ‘Clean Hands - Psalms 24’ video single is worthy of much acclaim across roots reggae, world, afrobeat, gospel reggae genres and more!   

At a time when hate, discrimination, mass shootings, war and careless disregard for human life are common, Clean Hands is a much needed message of healing and peace for the world.   

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Thank you for making 'Yah Yireh' the top video for another year, with over 500,000 views on YouTube!  Click to watch.



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