100 Fabulous Fans Fundraiser

Shalom Family, Friends and Fans! 

I pray you and your family are well. In these difficult times, many people are suffering from fear, anxiety and depression over loss of jobs, income, homes, and the ability to feed their families along with illness and the sudden loss of loved ones due to the pandemic.   In the absence of physical contact with loved ones, more people are turning to online prayer, meditation and inspirational music and videos like Yah Yireh for healing, comfort and upliftment.   

Goals for 2022 

For the next year, by the grace of El Shaddai, my goal is to focus on new music projects that will give hope, inspiration and guidance during these difficult times and beyond, specifically: 

  1. Live Streamed Performances - for the first time, hosting a new monthly live or pre-recorded live streamed performance working with some of the top musicians here in Israel featuring fans’ favorite tracks and some exciting new inspired music for these times. 
  2. Music video production and promotion - filming feature film type at various locations around Israel, lyric videos and short promo clips 
  3. Single release and promotion - promoting singles from the Peace Process, Spiritual Healing albums and new releases 

As an independent artist, there’s no way I could finance these projects alone.  But with Yah and together, we can do all this and more! 

Become a Patron

Patreon.com allows fans to partner with their favorite artists to produce amazing works like this through it’s monthly subscription platform.   So, if you love Queen Makedah’s music and want more, this is your time to make a difference. 

Become one of the 100 FABULOUS FANS who will sponsor or patronize these much needed healing works through a monthly subscription at the $25, $50, $100 level or above.  Monthly subscriptions from patron subscribers will go  to pay for things like musicians fees, rehearsal space, equipment, video single production and promotion. 

In return, VIP patrons will take the journey with me and have a front row seat at all live streamed performances, receive exclusive behind the scenes content in your inbox, access my entire music discography including unreleased materials and e-books, receive artist designed merchandise and gain access to Hebrew language tutorials/classes. 


Click here to become a VIP Patron today!

Thank you so much for being a part of my journey and supporting Yah music!

May El Shaddai Bless!  QM