reviews by Hebrew students

I highly recommend Morah Makedah's Intermediate Hebrew class. It turns out, Morah Makedah was my first Hebrew teacher over 20 years ago. Since then, I have studied with many teachers and I have attended a couple of different intermediate level Ulpan courses taught online from Israel. Morah Makedah's class is definitely the best. Every student gets full access to the curriculum materials created by Ulpan Or which allow each student to not only progress with the class, but to also increase their learning through various enrichment materials. Morah Makedah's weekly classes give us a chance to practice what we have been studying and receive the encouragement we need to push forward and practice Hebrew on a daily basis so we can reach fluency. This class is really the best. ” - Moriyah Ben Avraham
My name is James Lee III and I have had an interest in the Hebrew language for a long time. In 2017, my wife and I went on a tour to Israel and after we returned, I started to study Hebrew at a local Hebrew congregation in Maryland. There I learned a little, but it wasn't satisfying. I then tried two different teachers in 2020 and 2021 online, but I felt like I wasn't learning that much and I thought that my time could be better spent. It wasn't until I enrolled into the Ulpan Or Intermediate Medium course with Morah Makedah that I felt like I was really starting to improve my Hebrew language ability. (As a black man), It is also nice to be in a class where the teacher and Hebrew language students look like me and they all have a good level of speaking Hebrew. I am benefiting from the class because each class period I can practice my conversational Hebrew. I also think that it is very beneficial that there are so many online resources to build vocabulary, reading and aural comprehension. The use of short stories, short magazine articles, vocabulary drilling, verb conjugation, grammar exercises, and translation activities tremendously help the student to move toward eventual fluency in Hebrew. I would highly recommend students to study with Morah Makedah! She clearly has a command of the Hebrew language and is a very encouraging teacher.” - James Lee III
Learning Hebrew has been a struggle for both me and my wife since our Awakening. However, she has been much more consistent and dedicated to learning Hebrew than I. She has taken a few Hebrew classes but there is a recognizable difference since taking the course with Morah Makedah. Her advancement after only 5 months is remarkable, she is more able to speak, read, and write in Hebrew.. When I can muster the courage and dedication needed to learn Hebrew, I will be taking the course with Morah Makedah. ” - Arnold
I have been taking a Novice Low Hebrew course with Morah Makedah for 5 months. This is by far the best way to learn the language. After 5 months, I can confidently say if I were dropped in the middle of Tel Aviv at this present time, I could converse, read and write. If you are looking for a Hebrew course that will give meaningful results take Morah Makedah’s class. ” - Janet
Hebrew class with Morah Makedah has been a very pleasant and enjoyable experience. With quality content, and easy to follow guidance from our instructor, I have been able to learn Hebrew quickly and in a fun way. Morah Makedah is a very passionate and skilled teacher, and takes time to make sure students understand the concepts. I would definitely recommend this course to those who have the desire to learn Hebrew and it is not overwhelming but broken down to be easily digested for students at all levels. ” - Dexter
For me it is helping me to get to a point where I can start to feel comfortable learning Hebrew. I do like the fact that the class is small and it affords one to get more attention. I like the fact that it is a positive environment and that each person can express their own thoughts. I would recommend the class... ” - My’Yahla