Winter Alef Bet Bootcamp

Dec. 11, 18, 25th

Time to level up! Review or new, alef bet with a focus on reading.  Free for patrons and donation for non-patrons.  Click button for full details and Zoom registration.

hebrew classes

Hebrew Conversational

Weekly Small Group Classes

Fans who subscribe on Patreon at the Gold patron level ($50/month) and above, receive the benefit of weekly small group instruction in modern conversational Hebrew language using the Ulpan Or multi-media curriculum with Morah Makedah.

The classes meet Sundays and are perfect for students who plan to  visit Israel, make aliyah or want to identify with and understand the language of Torah.


ALEF BET BOOT CAMP for Absolute Beginners CLICK HERE.

Novice Level Classes (Low/Mid/High) CLICK HERE.

Intermediate classes (low/mid/high) CLICK HERE.

Before signing up, please take the placement test here and contact/send the results to me at Morah Makedah at 

Afterwards, we will discuss the best placement for you and the dates classes will begin.

Click on the class page links for full info on how to register and subscribe.


To watch a sample video of short clips from actual classes with Morah Makedah (beginner, novice and intermediate levels) watch this YOUTUBE VIDEO CLICK HERE.  

Chanting the Psalms

Study, Chant, Sing Hebrew Tehillim

Learn how to read and sing the Hebrew psalms, prayers, blessings for personal, family or congregational worship. 

Yisrael was created as a royal priesthood for the glory of Yah and  should be able to bring forth sacrifices of praise to Elohim in the holy tongue (lashon ha kodesh) - which is an important part of Torah culture.  The good news is, we were blessed with a songbook - the Book of Psalms - called Tehillim in Hebrew. 

Patrons will receive a monthly tutorial on Zoom or video from Morah Makedah on reading/singing the psalms, which will cover a mix of traditional and original versions of psalms and prayers (by Queen Makedah or other artists). This tutorial will be for all levels - absolute beginners through advanced, and will include some alef bet review, vocabulary building and commentary.  This is perfect for students who want to incorporate more Hebrew songs in their Shabbat or daily worship. 

The session includes video instruction in the alef bet for those who need it.

The cost of this class Subscription levels are sliding scale (based on your ability/generosity) from $10, $25, $50, $100+ a month)

Click here to find out more or subscribe below on Patreon. 

1:1 Tutoring w/Morah Makedah

Weekly session in Biblical or Modern Hebrew

If 1:1 tutoring works better for your schedule, contact Morah Makedah at directly to discuss your learning goals and her availability for this semester.  1:1 tutoring is $100 monthly (4 one hour sessions per month at $25/each).  

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