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This school year (2021-2022), the language and the music platform are converging under the monthly subscription platform of at   

Through subscriptions, Hebrew students will have the opportunity to support Queen Makedah's work as a psalmist/praise artist as they pursue Hebrew Language studies.  The added perk is that they will also get access to the set-apart music benefits such as access to live stream events, discography, e-books and behind the scenes content. 

See class info below.

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    Chanting the Psalms

    Study, Chant, Sing Hebrew Tehillim

    Learn how to read and sing the Hebrew psalms, prayers, blessings for personal, family or congregational worship. 

    Yisrael was created as a royal priesthood for the glory of Yah and we as a royal priesthood should be able to bring forth sacrifices of praise to our Elohim which is an important part of Torah culture.  The good news is, we were blessed with a songbook, the Book of Psalms - called Tehillim in Hebrew. 

    If you are from the lost tribes of Israel you may not speak, read or write Hebrew or even understand the role of praise and worship in Torah. 

    Starting this Fall, by Yah’s grace, Morah Makedah will be leading a monthly tutorial in the Hebrew Tehillim on 2nd Sundays, teaching students to read and/or sing Tehillim  in the Tenakh.  Some of the tehillim will be original versions of songs written recorded by Queen Makedah or other artists. 

    Free for all patrons! 

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    gold patrons

    Hebrew Conversational

    Weekly Small Group for Beginners

    Fans who subscribe at the Gold patron level ($50/month) and above, receive the benefit of weekly small group instruction in modern conversational Hebrew language using the Ulpan Or multi-media curriculum with Morah Makedah.

    This class is perfect for students who wish to travel to Israel or are planning on making Aliyah.

    This 'Novice Low' class is appropriate for beginner students who know their alef bet and how to read basic words in Hebrew with low comprehension.

    Students must test before signing up.

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