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This school year (2020-2021), the language and the music platform are converging under the monthly subscription platform of at   

Through subscriptions, Hebrew students will have the opportunity to support Morah Makedah's work as a praise artist as they pursue Hebrew Language studies.  The added perk is that they will also get access to the set-apart music benefits (such as access to discography, q&a's and live streaming). 

    GOLD PATRONS and above are eligible to take all 4 classes during the year detailed below.  Please note the dates on the classes you are interested in.

    A modern Hebrew Ulpan conversational class will projectively be offered this summer for adults and youth.  Interested persons contact

      Spring Hebrew Class

      Beginner Level Bet (part 1)

      Join us this Spring for the 3rd course in this 4 part series on ZOOM from 04/18/2021 - 05/23/2021 at 12 pm EST on Sundays, with a break on 5/16 for the Shavuote holy day.

      This course will continue the level Bet prayer curriculum (biblical prayers, vocabulary and grammar). 

      The goals of the course are to:

      a) read Biblical and modern Hebrew with more fluency/ease, b) increase vocabulary for greater comprehension; c) learn basic grammar rules, sentence structure, parts of speech, root/common words.  Pre-requisite: Beginners Alef.

      Free for VIP GOLD Patrons and above.

      For more information or Sign up visit or click below.


      Summer Hebrew Class

      Beginner Level Bet - part II

      Join us for the 4th part in this 4 part series scheduled next Summer from 06/06/2021 - 07/04/2021 (6 weeks) on Sundays @ 12 pm EST on Zoom.

      The goals of this course are to:

      a) Continue with reading practice and writing exercises; b) Build reading fluency and comprehension through alef-bet review; c) Read common blessings and prayers for Shabbat/Holy Days; d) Solidify reading ability; e) Writing block and script letters; f) Enhance vocabulary; g) Increase familiarity with roots; h) Develop translation skills  

      Free for GOLD patron subscribers and above.  To find out more or register, click below.

      platinum patrons

      Hebrew Language Tutoring

      1:1 Instruction w/Morah Makedah

      Fans who subscribe at the Platinum patron level and above, receive the benefit of 1:1 instruction in Hebrew language with Morah Makedah in addition to having access to all the other classes.

      Students would receive at least 4 sessions of 4-6 weeks of tutoring during the academic year.

      This selection is appropriate for students who are more advanced, learn at a faster pace and/or want a different/specialized instructional focus - such as conversation.

      Contact Morah Makedah directly to discuss your needs and check availability.

      Free for 'Platinum' level patrons and above.  Click below to subscribe or for more information.

      Gold patrons & above

      Fall Hebrew Class

      BEGINNER Pre-primer

      Join us this FALL for the 1st (part 1 of 4) in the Beginner Hebrew Series w/Morah Makedah this FALL for 6 weeks from 11/29 - 1/03/2021 @ 12 pm EST Sundays on Zoom.

      The goals of this course are to:

      a) Learn the 22 letters of alef-bet and vowels; b) Learn to read Hebrew and build vocabulary via common Shabbat blessings;  c) learning how to write block letters. This class is an important prerequisite to level Alef.

      Free for Gold Patrons and above.  ($50 monthly subscription)

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      Winter Hebrew Class


      Join us this WINTER for level Alef (part 2 of 4) in the Beginner Hebrew Series w/Morah Makedah for 6 weeks from 2/07 - 3/14/2021 @ 12 pm EST Sundays on Zoom.

      The goals of this course are to:

      a) Continue to build reading fluency and comprehension through alef-bet; b) reading common words and phrases from Torah and prayers; c) writing block and script letters. (Pre-requisite: Beginners Pre-Primer).

      Free for GOLD Patrons and above.  

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