Spiritual Healing

Queen Makedah

'Blending reggae with R&B gorgeous lush vocals, Queen Makedah will take you on a vocally adorned journey to the very root of your soul. You'll love the uplifting lyrics that border on socio-political issues tender to all our hearts.'

"Queen Makedah melds a sultry R&B edge with a rootsy reggae foundation. Her smoky voice and crossover appeal remind me quite a bit of Diana King. With reggae being as popular in the USA as it's ever been, it seems there's perhaps never been a better time for such a style to succeed. The single 'Lift You Up' is certainly a step in the right direction. This effervescent, life-affirming roots tune has the feel of classic and deserves much exposure."

Notable Credits: Spiritual Healing is a stellar display of the virgin production talents of co-writer/producer Tuviel 'Chariot' Levi, whose influences include The Gladiators, The Abyssinians, Steel Pulse and Aswad. Tuviel has worked with Roots Reggae groups Rahsul, Roots Africa (founded by the original bass player for Alpha Blondy), Ras Michael and the Sons of Negus and ‘Lion’ (bassist for Joseph Hill of Culture). In addition, the album features one of the Caribbean's rising talents, Ras Bakim, a Singer/Songwriter from St. Croix, who adds his sultry vocals on the duet, Healer, with Queen Makedah.

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I Am Shem (Discipline Riddim)

Queen Makedah

Queen Makedah delivers a unique package of some of the most healing and inspirational music around, melding rich velvet-soul vocals, spiced with delicious flavors of Soul, Jazz, R&B and Middle Eastern music, over muscular Roots Reggae Rhythms.

With her new single ‘I Am Shem’ Queen Makedah begins a new chapter of her musical journey in roots and culture music. The ‘I Am Shem’ single is her first collaborative work with the roots production family of Zion I Kings, producers ‘Tippy I’ of I-Grade Records (Midnite), Andrew ‘Moon’ Bain of Lustre Kings (Lutan Fyah) and “Jah D” Goldfine from Zion High Production. The track features Queen Makedah’s signature velvety vocals on lead and the lush background vocal harmonies of Michelle ‘Songbird’ Gordon. ‘I Am Shem’ tells the story of the mystical journey of the lost tribes of Israel of the African diaspora and is the first single from Queen Makedah’s upcoming album ‘Peace Process’ (2013).

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Suspicious (Unlimited Love Riddim)

Queen Makedah

'Suspicious' brings a potent contemporary reggae sound, blending Queen Makedah's compelling r&b vocals and conscious lyrics with a serious roots reggae riddim. From the upcoming album 'Peace Process' (Oriyah Music/Spring 2015).

The track ‘Suspicious’ tells of the tragic events surrounding the shooting death of Trayvon Martin and is dedicated to victims of racial profiling, police brutality and gun violence. The strong lyrics of the song center around the ominous and paradoxical 911 phone calls made by both the shooter George Zimmerman and the victim’s girlfriend, Rachel Jeantel.

‘Suspicious’ is a follow up to ‘I Am Shem’ (Discipline Riddim/I-Grade Music/Zion I/Lustre Kings), and is the second single from Queen Makedah’s upcoming album/EP ‘Peace Process’ (Spring 2015). The single is co-written by Queen Makedah (lyrics and melody) and Jah David of Haile Tabernacle Music and Tippy I of I Grade Music (Zion I Kings), composers of the Unlimited Love Riddim. The chune features Queen Makedah on lead and harmony vocals; Horsemouth on drums, Jah David on bass and pick guitar, Tippy I on keyboard and rhythm guitar, Junior P on keyboard, Norman Grant on percussion, plus Due Lyric on Spanish guitar and harmony vocals. Vocals were recorded, co-produced and engineered by David Sovereign at Studio J by the Bay (Oakland) and the song was mixed by Tuviel Levi at Rocksteady Recording (Colorado).

Queen Makedah currently has a 'Peace Process' album crowdfunding campaign on Pledge and is donating 10% of all pledges go to support the Trayvon Martin Foundation. Visit for more information. Keep up with Queen Makedah news at

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Blessed (Lonely Girl Riddim)

Queen Makedah

'Blessed' is a highly inspirational reggae tune that delivers the best in Queen Makedah's soothing vocal leads and sweet harmonies, over the pulsating bass driven groove of 'Lonely Girl Riddim.'

'Blessed' is from the upcoming 'Peace Process Album' (Spring 2015), and is Queen Makedah's first track with Dubgroove. The track features Herb Daly on bass, Bruce Benjamin on drums, Mike Mongiello on guitar, Rusty Zinn on guitar, John Nevin on piano/organ, Franklyn "Bubbler" Waul on keys, Clive Hunt percussion, mixed by Michael Williamson and Clive Hunt at The Mixing Lab. Vocals recorded and produced by David Sovereign at Studio J by the Bay (Oakland) and mixed by Tuviel Levi at Rocksteady Productions (Colorado).

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King Queen Riddim (Mutual Respect)

Queen Makedah

‘King Queen Riddm’ fuses the best of a soulful R&B love song with a heated reggae slow jam, melding Makedah’s golden voice atop the hard edged grit of Toussaint’s Temptations-style soul - a hit for reggae and r&b lovers alike!

From Donny Hathaway and Roberta Flack’s ‘The Closer I get to You,’ to Teena Marie and Rick James’ ‘Fire and Desire,’ good old fashioned R&B love songs have warmed our hearts for years and have given us some of the most famous music of all time. How about bringing that talent and passion to reggae music?

Queen Makedah’s new duet feat. Toussaint the Liberator, does just that. The track ‘King Queen Riddm’ (a.k.a. ‘Mutual Respect’), fuses the best of a soulful R&B love song with a heated reggae slow jam, melding Makedah’s golden honey voice atop the hard edged grit of Toussaint’s Temptations-style soulful crooning - a hit for reggae and R&B lovers alike.

The song is from Queen Makedah's upcoming junior album 'Peace Process,' and will be amongst a new wave of conscious music for fans to enjoy. Queen Makedah has shared the stage with reggae greats like Don Carlos, Sister Carol, the Twinkle Brothers, The Rastafarians, Winston Jarrett, Rootz Underground, Bambu Station and Groundation and is known for her cutting edge lyrics and smokey r&b vocal style.

Toussaint (‘Be You’ and ‘Black Gold’) – known for his ‘soul-drenched’- reggae style - has toured the world with Soulive as lead singer, sharing the stage with greats like Isaac Hayes, John Legend and The Rolling Stones (

Brooklyn bred composer Tuviel ‘Rocksteady’ Levi brings his musical genius to the track (composer, mixer, instrumentalist) coupled with gifted storyteller and lyricist Queen Makedah. Tuviel has also worked with such rising reggae stars as Michelle ‘Songbird’ Gordon, Kristine Alicia, Lavie, Adam Barnes and Grammy winning drummer Bradley Brown.

Adding to the magic, are the special talents of twice Joe Higgs music award nominated singer/songwriter/musician Rusty Zinn on guitar (‘I Can’t Take My Eyes Off You’). Rusty has recorded with the legendary Jamaican rhythm section Sly and Robbie, Boris Gardiner, Soul Syndicate, Hux Brown, to name a few ( The track also features the acoustic excellence of David Soveriegn on (Studio Jay by the Bay), layering the seductive sounds of the 6-string Larrivee and Ramirez Flamenco acoustic guitars.

Finally, Jamaica’s finest Rankin Scroo, recorded the lead vocals of the track at his renown West Oakland Crucial Youth Productions studio. Rankin is well known for his hits with E-40, Too Short and Digital underground's Money-B.

Single Title: ‘King Queen Riddim’ (‘Mutual Respect’) Queen Makedah - Vocals / Lyrics / Co-Production Toussaint the Liberator - Vocals Tuviel Levi - Bass, Keys, Drum programming / Composer / Co-Production / Co-Recording / Mixing Rankin Scroo - Co-Recording (Crucial Youth Production Studio) / Co-production (vocals) David Sovereign - Acoustic Guitar / Co-Recording (Studio J by the Bay) Rusty Zinn - Electric Guitar DIGITAL RELEASE DATE: February 1st, 2016

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Queen Makedah’s music inspires compassion and knowledge that can lead to a more unified world.” - DJ Sista Irie

The Conscious Party, 88.7 FM KAZI (Austin, Texas)


Queen Makedah


Queen Makedah's unique brand of conscious and inspirational reggae music infuses smooth R&B jazz vocals and sweet gospel harmonies into contemporary reggae worldbeat riddims to enlighten and inspire the masses.

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THE $5,000 GO FUND ME ALBUM FUNDRAISER WAS A SUCCESS!!!!  It's been a long time coming (7 years), but it's FINALLY HERE!!!  

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Zion I Kings Collaboration


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Finding the right music and the right producer is hard.  There are so many out there who call themselves producers, but really don’t have the experience or the skill.  Then you have good producers who…


The idea for the Peace Process album was conceived about 7 years ago, while I was teaching and living in the Bay Area of California - Richmond and Oakland.  Both cities were notorious for gang violence and high homicide rates…


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