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Feat. Toussaint the Liberator - Written by Queen Makedah / Tuviel Levi


“King/Queen Riddim” (Mutual Respect)
By Queen Makedah and Tuviel Levi/Copyright Oriyah Music 2010

For every king a queen will manifest
For every queen a king will manifest
Every lion has a lioness
Every prince has a princess

There could be no king without his queen (br)
There could be no queen without her king (sr)
Yes, cuz that’s the way the Most High made us to be (SrBr)
Me for you and you for me (SrBr)

VERSE I: (sr)
Like a bird with a broken wing
Like a bee it’s without honey
Without you I am not complete
We were made a perfect unity

VERSE II: (br)
Like a ship that’s lost at sea
Like a blind man who cannot see
Without you I am not complete
You fulfill my mind, soul and body


Let us settle down and raise up a family
And we will reap d’Most High’s blessing
Cuz we will plant and nourish a righteous seed
Under a holy bond of unity

VERSE IV: (br)
For life (I give myself to) you and you for me
We will be together through eternity
No one can tear down what Yah has deemed
You fulfill my mind, soul and body

Breakdown Conversation:
Ultimate respect to you my queen
you support the strength in me
Oh yes you make my life complete
Give thanks for the love, for the supernatural and spiritual blessing


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