Gratitude Report 2023!


Shalom and Blessed Love Friends and Family! 🥰 🙌🏾 I’m thankful to have such dedicated fans, and I just wanted to take the time to send out love and appreciation to you and share this good news!!!  Thanks for making 'Yah Yireh' a YouTube hit with almost a half a million lifetime views!!!! And 'Clean Hands is also on the rise with over 10K views in just one year!   May Yah’s name continue to be praised!!!  This is how you have listened over the last year, and I give thanks!

YouTube - 1 year Snapshot : 

  • 1.1 Million lifetime channel views
  • 1 year Channel Views - 180k+ 
  • 1 year Channel Watch time - 9k+
  • Total Subscribers - 4k estim.

1 year Channel Top Tracks: 

  • Yah Yireh Video - 50k (436,000+ all time total)
  • Clean Hands Video - 10k+
  • I am Shem - 10k+
  • Healer, Happy is He, Praise Him -  7-9k+
  • Holy Mt. Zion, Lost Everything, Kadosh, Lift You Up, Blessed - 3-5k+

1 year Top 10 Countries:  US, UK, Turkey, Brazil, Israel, Jamaica, Netherlands, Canada, France, Russia

1 year Top Cities:  NY, ATL, Chicago, Dallas, Houston, Philadelphia, Charlotte, Austin, London, Salt Lake, Baltimore

Spotify All Time Snapshot:

  • Total Streams - 195,725+ 
  • Total Listeners - 12,517
  • Top 7 Songs - Spiritual Healing album (Yah Yireh 40K, Happy is He 16k, Praise Him 14k, Healer 13k, Kadosh 11k), Peace Process album (Clean Hands 6.5k, I am Shem 6.2k)
  • 45 Countries
  • Top 7 Countries - US, UK, Canada, Netherlands, Australia, Brazil, South Africa
  • Total Subscribers - 665+ 

Facebook Artist Page Current:

  • Followers: 3k+
  • Top 5 cities: NY, Nairobi, London, Kingston, ATL
  • Top 5 Countries: US, Israel, UK, Kenya, South Africa

Please note Family, all these reports are entirely based on authentic and organic growth, i.e. only true subscribers and followers and almost no advertisement.  HalleluYah!!!  I can’t say enough about how grateful I am that you are inspired by Yah’s healing music.  Your watch/listening time, shares, follows, likes, subscribes make a huge difference!  Your comments and support inspire me to continue the work.

Looking Ahead:

Imagine what these states would look like with a monthly budget for production and promotion of new anointed music and videos?  We could reach millions each year.

Pray with me for more provision and if your heart is moved to support these works, visit the to give to the current fundraiser or become a patron today.

Patrons help me do the work more consistently via their monthly subscription.  All links and details on the donate page above.

More blessings!



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