Thank You! 2023 Recap and Looking Ahead 🥰🎉


Greetings of Peace!

As a new calendar begins, I wanted to take a moment to thank you for showing the love and celebrate some of the accomplishments of the past year.   HalleluYah!  We’ve had some highs on all platforms!

YOUTUBE 2023 Recap

  • 4k+ subscribers
  • 180K+ views w/Yah Yireh, Clean Hands and Happy is He, I am Shem as top 4 tracks
  • Yah Yireh is still the top lifetime track with over 462K views
  • Music reached over 50 countries via YT but fans are especially on fire in the US, UK, Brazil, Netherlands with top cities being NY, ATL, Chi town, London.

SPOTIFY 2023 Recap

Spotify is rising with over 700 followers and hundreds of monthly listeners reaching over 107 countries - US, Canada, UK, Netherlands and Israel being the top countries.

  • 3.7k listeners
  • 3K hours (11 million secs)
  • Berlin to Beijing
  • 48k streams
  • 500 playlists
  • Yah Yireh over 8k plays; Happy is He; Clean Hands
  • (fastest growing Poland, Austria, Finland, Columbia, Malawi)

SOCIAL MEDIA 2023 Recap:

Thank you for linking with me on social media! Over 3.2K followers have connected on FB, 1k+ followers on Tik Tok & Twitter.  (My IG was hacked in 2023 and I’m starting from scratch, so please join me there for new content).


Singles Lay Down Your Guns, Holy Mount Zion, I am Shem and Clean Hands along with the Peace Process album re-release - had an explosive amount of radio airplay and press coverage in 2023 thanks to media partners and friends!  With the promotional campaigns (thanks to patrons and fans who helped with this) the music was played on hundreds of new stations in Europe, Africa, South America, Canada, the Caribbean and continued to grow audiences in the U.S. - all for which I’m very thankful.  These campaigns also included key press coverage of blogs, ezines, playlists and podcasts.  So, much so, it was a bit overwhelming to handle it without a team - but that’s still a good thing and hopefully help is on the way! I’m looking forward to more single releases as well as reels in 2024.


Sending a huge thank you to donors and patrons who through their monthly subscription help support the works, provide seed money for equipment and operational expenses.  For my Hebrew Students, Hebrew language is one of my greatest passions along with music and I’m honored to have you as students and friends.

Extending much gratitude to donors who contributed to crowdfunding projects last year and to the War Emergency Go Fund Me, which helped provide much needed support for my family during the war in Israel.  The fundraiser reached it’s goal and is now closed but to get a full report, visit 

Finally, I also want to give a humble thanks to some of the producers, musicians and industry personel that I’ve had the privilege of working with in 2023:

Bless up The Sheba Warriors band, Producers Tuviel Levi, Zion I Kings, Pink Fader, Anywaywell, the late Christopher Meredith, Rohan ‘Mixaholic’ Dwyer!


In the year ahead, my first priority is to finish the release of album singles and creating reels for fan favorites while working on new material. With all that’s happening in the world, there’s a need for more music that brings healing, guidance and understanding, and Yah has provided some more spiritual food for the masses - to the tune of at least 2 albums worth of writing.  If you’d like more info or if you’re interested in becoming an angel donor to one of the new EP/album projects, contact me personally at or through the contact page on the website.

If you’d like to support the works in general, visit me at to find out how to become a patron, take a Hebrew class or contribute to one of the current crowdfunding projects.

Love, Peace and Blessings to you and yours in 2024!




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