Human Rights ain't a Bag o' Candy!


Some people are dealing with human rights like it’s a bag of candy - You only give it to your friends.  Human rights is not something you can give to some and withhold from others - like a snack or a treat. 


It is an fundamental human right given by the Most High Creator the giver of life and no one has the right to willfully take it.  To respect life, human rights, is to respect the Creator who gave life… Either you respect human rights or you don’t. 

To respect human rights means you believe every human being regardless of race,  creed, color, nationality, tribe has a right to live and be free.  If you support terrorists like Hamas (like its counterparts ) who murder and torture innocent people - maybe not your own people, or your friends, but people humans never the less - then you don’t really believe in or support human rights.  

You act like you do, when you for instance go out and march for Black Lives Matter, Women against Sexual Violence, save the - Children, anti-gun violence, which are based upon the principle that all human beings have the right to live safe and secure, but then you switch up or remain silent when it’s a group you don’t particularly like.  

So, let’s be honest, if human rights is a bag of candy to you, you really don’t care about human rights but just the rights of your group or groups you like.  To pretend you care about human rights and then support it withhold condemnation of terrorist madmen who massacre, rape, torture, kidnapping of innocent men, women, children - human beings - whether it’s in Israel, Congo, Sudan, Ethiopia, Ukraine, Americas… is gross hypocrisy at best - a sham, a hoax, fake - and your silence makes you complicit in the sheer evil and abominable wickedness being perpetuated on the planet.  

If you consider yourself a human rights activist or organization, it’s time for you to stop playing with peoples lives - put the candy away.  You have a moral obligation to defend the lives of ALL humans who are threatened by terrorism and violence or you’re just not worthy of the titles you hold.

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Peace, love and unity!  Makedah

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