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Human Rights ain't a Bag o' Candy!

Some people are dealing with human rights like it’s a bag of candy - You only give it to your friends.  Human rights is not something you can give to some and withhold from others - like a snack or…

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Greetings of Peace Friends!  Shalom, salaam, paz, paix, alafia, udo!

Many of you who know who I am and my music, know that I have always spoken out against the heinous crime of sexual violence or rape especially when it’s…

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Say NO to Rape as a Weapon - Condemn Hamas Terrorism

Blessed love!

First of all, thank you for your heartwarming concern and support during this time.  It’s been traumatic going through this horrible time watching the news of so many innocent lives taken as well as innocent civilians being bombed…

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Hamas Means Violence in the Hebrew Bible

If you support Hamas you support violence.  In ancient biblical Hebrew and Arabic, the word hamas means violent or violence,  cruelty, injustice and wrong.  The modern organization of Hamas chose the word hamas or violence because it uses the most…

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