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Many of you who know who I am and my music, know that I have always spoken out against the heinous crime of sexual violence or rape especially when it’s used as a weapon of war.  Songs like ‘Bless Africa’ was written in response to war crime of rape in the Congo and Sudan several years back and my show in Tel Aviv this past January with the Sheba Warriors band and friends called ‘Lioness Vibration’ was dedicated Tigrayan women and children - victims of rape by the Ethiopian military.  Featured songs in the line up included songs I’ve written against violence like ‘Clean Hands - Psalms 24,’ ‘Lay Down Your Guns’ and ‘Deliver Us.’

Women are naturally and usually the most vocal and united around issues of sexual violence against women.  However, unfortunately, sometimes women side with religious, racial or political affiliations over human rights for women.  

In my conversation with one of the founders of Friends of Tigray NGO in Israel, for instance, she voiced concern and frustration with many Ethiopian women and Jews who sided with the Ethiopian government over issues of genocide and gender based violence against Tigrayans during the war as opposed to uniting against rape as an act of intolerable cruelty.  

Now the tables have turned against the Jews of other regions of Ethiopia who are suffering the same horrible violence and Jews who have relatives in that region are crying out but isn’t this hypocrisy?


During the recent massacre by Hamas on October 7th in Israel, there were heinous acts of sexual violence committed against Israeli women, in some cases raping to death or mutilating the bodies of women beyond recognition.  The silence of women’s organizations after this massacre has been shocking.  Even more shocking is the huge amount of support the terrorists who perpetuated the massacre (Hamas) has received from women in the name of ‘freedom for Palestine.’ (Most of them caught up in the rhetoric dished out by the terrorist organization - not realizing that Palestine has been liberated from Israeli control or occupation since 2006 and that Hamas has no desire for peace between Gaza and Israel but instead a complete Muslim state under Sharia law).

As women of the world, we should life our voices in unified condemnation of the crimes of rape in the October 7th massacre of Hamas and whenever it rears its despicable head.  This crime not only happened in Israel, but is happening around the world in increasing numbers.

  • During the war Ethiopia earlier this year, thousands of women and children were raped and murdered by soldiers on all sides of the conflict.  Only 5,000 women reported the crimesbut the numbers are expected to be much higher.
  • In Sudan right now, women are being raped and sold into sexual trafficking rings by Arab Muslim militias.
  • In Congo, there are reports of sexual violence being used against women again by various factions fighting for control of the mineral rich lands.
  • In Ukraine, Russian soldiers have also been accused of rape and ethnic cleansing.

Sexual violence in all forms is a threat and danger to all women and children of the world and should and should wholeheartedly be condemned without bias.  The right to be safe and protected from rape and any form of violence is a inalienable human right that surpasses differences of religion, political affiliation or nationality.  

Our stance against gender based violence makes the world a safer place for us all, but our silence and indifference creates a climate of acceptance that makes all of us as women and our children all more vulnerable and at risk.

The wisdom of Torah/the Bible teaches us not to remain silent but to cry out at times of injustice:

  • Proverbs 31:9 Open your mouth, judge righteously, defend the rights of the poor and needy.
  • Proverbs 31:8 Open your mouth for the mute, for the rights of all who are destitute.
  • Psalm 94:16 Who rises up for me against the wicked? Who stands up for me against evildoers?

As women as well as humans, our voices should cry aloud and unite at every turn to condemn this type of sickening terrorism against any group of women regardless of race, religion or nationality.

Stand with me in using your voice to condemn rape and rape as an act of war as a war crime unilaterally and without bias on social media, conversations, protests and petitions.

Join me to condemn the terrorism, massacres and sexual violence committed on October 7th in Israel as well as the gender based violence in Ethiopia, Congo, Sudan and other parts of the world as war crimes that cannot and will not be tolerated but instead prosecuted to the fullest extend of international law.

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One Love and thanks for your support, Queen Makedah

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