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"As a follow up to her collaborative work with Zion I Kings (‘I am Shem’ and ‘Suspicious’ a dedication to Trayvon Martin), Queen Makedah takes us deep inside the Judaic roots of reggae music by chanting a psalm with her latest video single entitled ‘Clean Hands - Psalms 24’ produced by Grammy nominated Pink Fader!!! The single is now available on all digital platforms and the video is streaming on Youtube!  The track has gotten rave reviews and airplay worldwide.  Keep reading for some of the reviews below.


  • “One word.. "Wonderful".. I get to hear plenty of songs but very few are crafted and put together with thought and understanding.” Mike Jenkins The Radio Show Roots Locker and Roots Locker West  
  • “Love it!” NoMoTrouble - Youtube Channel 
  • “A regular on my playlist!” Sister Irie 
  • “We love the track and the video! Give thanks for the good music!” World a Reggae  
  • “These tracks that I’m hearing are so nice.  Seriously, this album is a must.  I definitely like it a lot.”  Ras Daddy E, K.A.O.R.E. radio Hawaii 
  • “By the way, I jam to your song Clean Hands every morning. It might be my favorite song right now.” Jeff B. 
  •  “This song is sooo well put together. I love how Yah inspires you to write, sing, and perform. I have listened to this song over a hundred times and am still listening to it at this very moment. May Yah continue to to bless your voice and your hands. HaLeLuYah!” - Yah’s Little Sheep

Song Credits:  

LYRICS:  Psalms 24 (Hebrew/English)  
SINGER-SONGWRITER: Queen Makedah (original melody/performance)   
MUSIC PRODUCER:  Pink Fader   
MIXED BY:  Tuviel Levi (IRM)  
MASTERED BY:  Rohan Dwyer (Mixaholicmusic) 

Available Now!  

SINGLE RELEASE Friday 8/26 - ON ALL DIGITAL PLATFORMS!!! Get links to BUY & STREAM ‘Clean Hands’ single on SPOTIFY, APPLE, iTUNES, AMAZON, DEEZER and all digital platforms here or scroll to buy:

About the Video: 

The 'Clean Hands' video offers spectacular visuals of Makedah traversing the majestic Judean mountains in royal robes of Ethiopia with her kingman Melchizedek (beloved youths by their side) reminiscent of Queen of Sheba and King Solomon - plus absolutely breathtaking aerial shots of the amazing Dead Sea and Metzuke Dragot near Jerusalem.    

Directed by award winning cinematographer Noam Chojnowski, the ‘Clean Hands - Psalms 24’ video single is worthy of much acclaim across roots reggae, world, afrobeat, gospel reggae genres and more!  

At a time when hate, discrimination, mass shootings, war and careless disregard for human life are common, Clean Hands is a much needed message of healing and peace for the world.   

Video Credits:    

VIDEO PRODUCER: Queen Makedah     
DIRECTED, FILMED & EDITED BY:  Noam Chojnowski      
DRONE OPERATOR: Ofir Hayat      
ROYAL FAMILY SCENE: Nabi Melchizedek/The Levi Family     
BAND SCENE: Bahkooryah Gavriel - bass / Yam Regev - drums / Aviyah Shurp - guitar / Malach Christmas - sax 

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