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Holy Mount Zion

Press Reviews

"Queen Makedah's "Holy Mount Zion" is a captivating reggae masterpiece. Her powerful vocals and spiritually charged lyrics create a soul-stirring, uplifting musical experience. Truly exceptional!"  New Fire Music


"Your song captures that authentic reggae essence right from the start, and several compelling reasons make it a standout addition. The song exudes that unmistakable and authentic reggae feel right from the very beginning. The instrumentation plays also a good role in bringing out this reggae vibe, and it does so with finesse, every note resonates with the true spirit of reggae. Your voice also fits the overall composition very well, the way you smoothly deliver your performance with precision and style is top-notch. Your vocals effortlessly blend with the music, enhancing the overall listening experience. Also, the storyline and the meaningful message it conveys are standout features. Just like the tradition of reggae songs, your music has substance, Your song carries an important message and it's conveyed with authenticity and depth. Your collaborator delivered an outstanding performance. His part in the track complements and enhances the song remarkably. In my opinion, your track is perfect. It captures the very essence of reggae, and I believe it will resonate profoundly with listeners who appreciate the genre. Bless! "  Dennis Adarkwah, Groove Africa


"Dope One!!!" - Radio Krimi, Karayib n' Roots


"From the first second the voice takes us on a journey the flow of music fits well together."   Mister O Show

Official press release

Holy Mount Zion

by Queen Makedah & Christopher Meredith

From the plantation spiritual to the Nyabinghi  chant, Zion has always been  a common theme in the music of oppressed peoples, representing a place of freedom and peace beyond the woes and shores of Babylon.   Zion themed roots reggae classics like “By the Rivers of Babylon” (Melodians), “Jerusalem” (Alpha Blondy), “Satta Massagana” (The Abyssynians) and “Dreamland” (Third World) awakened our consciousness and stirred our souls. In her new single Holy Mount Zion, Queen Makedah continues in these rootical footsteps by using her golden voice atop a mesmerizing funk, house and hip-hop infused contemporary reggae riddim composed by the genius of late Jamaican bassie producer Christopher Meredith (Sugar Minott, Amy Winehouse, Lauryn Hill, Stephen Marley) to chant down Babylon system and yearn for a homeland.   Written in response to tragic cases of police brutality and racial injustice that plague ghetto youths (like Trayvon Martin, Tamir Rice, Michael Brown and countless others) and innocent civilians in America and around the world, Makedah says: ‘This song represents the collective prayers of mothers and loved ones who seek peace, equal rights and justice for their children and families.’   The urban vibe of rapper EkwayZion nicely balances the tune.  Due out September 22nd on all digital platforms!  Holy Mt. Zion is a single from the Peace Process album Mr. T described as: “14 worthwhile tracks full of consciousness! Sonically this album is top notch, a real treat for the listener’s eardrums. Most of the offerings are underpinned by appealing original reggae backdrops, which are stamped with quality all over. They are complemented by Queen Makedah’s beautiful vocal delivery which shines on every song.”  Mr. T, Reggae Vibes Magazine  read more 

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New Video Reels!!!

Filmed in Israel

View the new video reels for the 'Holy Mount Zion' single filmed in Bet Guvrin/Maresha's ancient historical Roman Amphitheatre in Israel.  Maresha was an ancient stronghold of Judah and battles were fought there between the Maccabim and the Romans.  Visit the artist's Youtube Channel to see the new music reels as well as hear interviews about the special meaning of the song and more about the ancient history.  Sign-up for blogs and follow @queenmakedah on social media for more #bts.